Ottawa, Canada’s Capital

Ottawa is a beautiful city, with lots of green space, arts and culture. If you live close to the downtown, it’s very walkable, and the city is in the process of expanding its LRT system. Efforts are being made to make Ottawa more bike-friendly. Ottawans are an active bunch, skating on the Rideau Canal in … Continue reading Ottawa, Canada’s Capital

Hortus Botanicus Leiden

When I was a kid I loved visiting Colasanti’s in southern Ontario. Later, while living in Montreal, I would often escape the cold of winter by visiting the tropical rainforest ecosystem of the Biodome (I was a student and couldn’t afford the trip to the real tropics!). I also loved the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. … Continue reading Hortus Botanicus Leiden

Life In London

Last summer my husband and I visited London, England on our way to the Netherlands. London is a city made for people; each London neighbourhood is its own community, where you can find everything you need. It’s very easy to get around London via public transit and on foot, with lots of green space to enjoy. Cycling looked a … Continue reading Life In London

A Day in Delft

Another lovely town in the Netherlands, Delft, is best known for its blue pottery (Delftware). Delft is also known as the home of painter Johannes Vermeer (Girl with A Pearl Earring), and scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (the father of Microbiology). The canals throughout the Netherlands provide a place for waterfowl to thrive, as seen in … Continue reading A Day in Delft

For the Love of Leiden

My husband and I visited the Netherlands this past summer; our favourite place was the charming University city of Leiden. We spent several days in Leiden, strolling, eating and relaxing. Like everywhere else in the Netherlands, Leiden is very pedestrian and bicycle friendly; as people who love living car-free, we have great respect for the excellent … Continue reading For the Love of Leiden